We have no openings for grad students or interns for the summer 2024. Postdoc candidates with a background in bioinformatics/genetics/transcriptomics seeking to do computational work will be considered. New openings for grad students and interns could be announced in fall 2024.

Applicants seeking to conduct dry lab and/or experimental work are welcome to apply. Depending on the project, applicants with backgrounds in either molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, RNA biology, immunology or bioinformatics could be a good fit.

Please state the reason of your interest in the lab and share your CV and full B.Sc. transcript when reaching out.

Graduate students will pursue a degree in Cell Biology at the Master’s or Ph.D. level. Applicants must hold a B.Sc. in a related field (e.g. biology, biochemistry, pharmacology,…) with a strong GPA to be admitted to the program. Please note that courses at the Université de Sherbrooke are presented in French and that some knowledge of the language is required.

Lab philosophy

I strongly encourage an open and collaborative dynamic within the lab. Group members are expected to engage with each other’s projects and have good communication skills.

lab_trinity The lab philosophy as well as general guidelines will be described in the lab handbook, available here