Mathieu Quesnel-Vallières, Ph.D.

he/him; last name pronunciation: “ken-el val-e-air”

Assistant Professor

Department of Immunology and Cell Biology, Université de Sherbrooke

The list of biology fields that my research has involved at one point or another is too long to post here. Let’s say I know very little about a lot of things.

On the daily: If you wonder whether I’m being serious, I’m not. Music always and everywhere. I sneeze often and loud - my apologies to those who spend time in my general vicinity. Leadership style: 95% Gus Fring, 5% Michael Scott

About my job: Conferences are the best part of what we do as academic researchers. You travel to meet new colleagues, start collaborations, get updated on the state of the art, promote your work. It’s the best.


  • Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania (2023)
  • Ph.D., University of Toronto (2017)
  • M.Sc., Université de Montréal (2010)
  • B.Sc., Université de Montréal (2007)



Emma Delannoy

M.Sc. student in Cell Biology

During my academic journey, I have been able to explore numerous fields, but I have primarily worked on projects related to the regulation of the immune system in the context of cancer.

On the daily: I am quite talkative, always chatting or humming a little tune. As for hobbies, I am a fan of traditional elderly activities, especially embroidery and crochet.

About my job: What I appreciate the most is the opportunity to evolve in a multicultural environment and to interact with people with different backgrounds and perspectives, making this environment even more enriching and inspiring.

PS : hide your pens, I heard someone has a little hoarding problem…


Nassima Bouzidi

M.Sc. student in Cell Biology

I previously had the opportunity to explore a multitude of projects, primarily focused on gene therapy and neurobiology. I arrive in Sherbrooke with the determination to concretize my professional aspirations by fully investing myself in a project that is dear to my heart.

On the daily: I can’t help but dance, albeit poorly, every time I listen to music, and I listen to a lot of it… I’m learning to understand the local language. You can often find me with my notebook where I collect the Quebec expressions I hear for the first time.

About my job: I love, and have always loved, working in research, a world where we have the pleasure to interact daily with passionate collaborators from all corners of the world, from whom we learn a lot about science and the world.

Virginie Cyr

Virginie Cyr


B.Sc. student in pharmacology

On the daily: I am always ready for an activity, whether it’s going for a work out, swimming, or especially going out to eat.

During my internship: As part of my first research internship, I am working on the analysis of alternative splicing in genes crucial to hematopoiesis. What I love about research is primarily the collaboration and spirit of mutual support. You can easily recognize me in the lab… I always have a jacket with me. It’s too cold in the office!

Mathieu Desnoyers-Barbeau

Mathieu Desnoyers-Barbeau


B.Sc. student in biotech engineering

For me, research represents the ultimate adventure for a learner; being constantly exposed to the unknown and the new while asking questions. It’s a perfect environment for curious individuals like me. In research, my interests are numerous, but here are the main ones: plant biology, biotechnologies (especially biomanufacturing), and programming. My goal is to pursue a Master’s and a PhD within my own business (entrepreneurial student project).

On the daily: I discovered last year that I have a thirst for exploring the world. Every time the opportunity arises, I jump on a plane. Otherwise, I take care of my plants and constantly shop for cars. I’m also the lab member with useless gadgets, like a cup that I control with my iPhone; though it’s true that I do programming there, so I need to have some tech stuff on my desk.

During my internship: I am working on a project that is entirely carried out through programming. Therefore, I am learning about the field of bioinformatics and enhancing my knowledge in biology, programming, and genetic data processing. What I love about research in a university lab is the lab life. Meeting other motivated and curious students like myself is stimulating and truly enjoyable. Collaborative work is genuinely motivating.